How is the fodmap content of food determined?

We therefore have “low”, “moderate” and “high” levels of fodmap for each ingredient, associated with very specific quantities. But how does one achieve such a level of accuracy? Who comes up with these numbers? How is it measured? J. Delorme, a dietician expert in fodmaps explains this process in her […]

Keeping a fodmap food diary

Many are wondering where to start. Keeping a food journal of everything you eat is essential and extremely useful. Whether you’re just starting out or have already started the fodmaps method, it’s never too late. Why do it? Because it is not easy to identify the foods responsible for our […]

FODMAPs: all about them

Everything you need to know about fodmaps. What are FODMAPs? It is an acronym, each letter represents a family of ingredients which can cause problems. In fact, it’s all about carbohydrates, sugars, which are poorly digested and ferment in our intestines. F for fermentable, it is not a family, but […]